• Als freiberufliche französische Sängerin habe ich ja keine Ahnung von KSK etc… gehabt.
    Alex hat alles im Griff, erklärt alles in Ruhe so dass alles klappen kann 🙂 !
    danke !
    viele Grüsse

  • Als Gitarrenlehrer bin ich in der KSK und habe vor allem am Anfang viele Fragen gehabt. Alex hilft immer und kennt alle Antworten der Kasse auswendig. Superkompetent und hilfreich.

  • Alexander Schwarz has been very helpful and efficient in the process of becoming a member of the KSK, and in dealing with my health insurance company. I’ve learned a lot from him. His personalty is great and his all-round knowledge is impressive. I highly recommend his services!

  • If you would like to join the KSK, I recommend you not to embark on this complicated bureaucratic journey on your own. Alexander will help you make this tedious process seem easy! Alexander is dedicated, reliable and super friendly . In our meeting he explained in a clear way and with much patience how the German public health system works and then helped me with the application itself and later with all the additional correspondence. Alexander gave me excellent practical tips and always with a dose of good Berliner humor. 60 euros is a symbolic fee for such fantastic service. You will get your money’s worth. I highly recommend Alexander Schwarz! Shlomit Lasky, Journalist and Screenwriter

  • Sehr gute Beratung und hat dann auch alles geklappt! Vielen Dank!!!